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The Symphony of a Sunset The Symphony of a Sunset

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice melody, work on the production quality.

Your musical skill is very good! This song had a very nice feeling. :D

You need to work more on the production quality, here are some things I noticed:

- Sound is destroyed at some points, example @ around 1:25. Avoid this by keeping the peak meter below zero throughout the whole song.

- It sounds over-compressed. (especially at the beginning before the drums enter the picture)

- You should get some better samples, that would bring it up A LOT. Sounds like you used the samples that are in FL from the start... (they suck)

- The synth (preset?) you used sounded awful, i suggest you get better VST plugins and work more on the sound.

Those were my major concerns. :) Fix those things and I'll give it a 8-9!

Keep producing man, you have potential!

- Xtas

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Hikari responds:

thanks! Iv been producing on my back up back up computer so i dont have vangard or nexus atm. I made all of my presets my self with sytrus, but yeah sytrus kind of blows. The lead is just a saw with unisen to make it a super saw, kind of cheep. The samples where actualy VEC2 but the kick wasnt as punchy as i would have liked. I agree with you on the over compressed remark, im still getting used to compretion. I have been getting lazy and used maxumus preset on the master tarack, but thats because i woke up from a dreem with this melody in my head and pulled a 24 hour production binge. LOL

But no thank you SO much for the critiqu! Mucho apreciated.

Fruty Limiter ftw? (jk, i need to avoid 'needing' a limiter on the master, I should stop being lazy and start mixing properly xO)

Dj Gonzo _ Wind Dj Gonzo _ Wind

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs an offbeat bass!

This was good, nice synth work! But you really need to add a bassline (kick doesn't count) It sounds very dry without bass. Work more on the beat (perhaps get some good drum sample packs) , the snare you used was not so pleasant... And well, make more melody variations, it was very repetitive. Except for the things I mentioned I liked most of it. :) You have potential!

- Xtas

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks for your review! Yes I know that I need to add a bassline... I've downloaded some sample packs recently for my new songs! I'll return working soon! Stay tuned!


Awake Through The Feeling Awake Through The Feeling

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great beat!

This was really good! I loved the beat and the melody good too. Only big advice I could give now would be... Try to create a bigger sound. Then it'll be awesome!

If you want advice on how to make the sound "bigger", feel free to send me a message.


- Xtas

Amphetamine Beat Amphetamine Beat

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Sounds nice. :)

I liked it alot at first but then that lead came in and I did not really enjoy it. Sounds like a lot of pure presets but I am not sure.



Organic Fun Organic Fun

Rated 1 / 5 stars

Spend more time in your music!

This was actually melodically pretty good, but when you make music you really need to put down a lot more effort. The beginning was great but honestly I couldn't stand 01:12, it sounded annoying as hell. The beat was not nice, I actually recognized the samples you used. >.< The sound was destroyed at many points throughout the song. You can avoid this by keeping the peak meter below zero. Another suggestion would be not to use FL Slayer at all because it sucks. (unless you're good enough to fix it)


I Hope I'm not sounding harsh. Just practise more, put down some effort and it'll eventually get A LOT better. :)

- Xtas

Slaytesics responds:

yeah, I am thinking about doing the guitar myself, though I am a bit rusty :D

Misaki Ayano Wa SSJAK!! F Misaki Ayano Wa SSJAK!! F

Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Haha, this was crazy and pretty cool actually. It's okay to make a song completely crazy but I felt like the only thing running through the whole song was the insanity. I think you could make atleast SOME structure. :)

Also I'm not sure about this being trance... I'm actually not really sure what it is but it was cool, just not my taste in music.


More structure in the music will bring it up. :)

- Xtas

bluebooblue responds:

Hahaha thanks alot! I will take your advice, and you're right, it was most of a crazy moment the one i had while doing this song's plot hahahaha

I'll try to make an structured one now o;! thanks again

Ady - Autumn sky(Dream Trance) Ady - Autumn sky(Dream Trance)

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Very good!

This would fit perfectly in a video game! I would not put it in my playlist though. The sound was cool and kinda unique. I'd like a harder kick though but that's just me...
Anyway I think you could have made more variations especially with the lead instrument and the melodies, even though the melody is good.
I really enjoyed the kick-off at around 3:12

As a videogame track I'd rate it 10/10

As a Trance track; 6/10

More variations and a less videogame-like lead would bring it up a lot in my ears :)

- Xtas

A House of Trance A House of Trance

Rated 2 / 5 stars



This is a house track. Trance is more atmospheric and contains a lot more layers.

I liked this song though! Nice clean sound. But I think you could have made a more interesting and perhaps harder beat. The melody is fine but you could give it some variation more than just playing it at one note at some points. Melody variations makes it more interresting, and it's kinda necessary... Especially if the song is 7 minutes.

At some points the sound was destroyed, example at around 03:10. This means the sonjavascript:submission_controller.G etReviewController().SaveReview();g volume is too high. You want it high enough without having the sound destroyed. To avoid this see to keep the master peak meter just below zero. Being above zero, you destroy the sound! Simple as that.

Those are my suggestions for now! Good luck. :)

/ Xtas

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Tc572 responds:

It doesn't seem like what you typed matched the score you gave, but thanks anyway.

Xtas: "The weird stuff that got in there just was not supposed to be there. I would appraciate that you explained to others by answering my review"