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The Symphony of a Sunset The Symphony of a Sunset

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Nice melody, work on the production quality.

Your musical skill is very good! This song had a very nice feeling. :D

You need to work more on the production quality, here are some things I noticed:

- Sound is destroyed at some points, example @ around 1:25. Avoid this by keeping the peak meter below zero throughout the whole song.

- It sounds over-compressed. (especially at the beginning before the drums enter the picture)

- You should get some better samples, that would bring it up A LOT. Sounds like you used the samples that are in FL from the start... (they suck)

- The synth (preset?) you used sounded awful, i suggest you get better VST plugins and work more on the sound.

Those were my major concerns. :) Fix those things and I'll give it a 8-9!

Keep producing man, you have potential!

- Xtas

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Hikari responds:

thanks! Iv been producing on my back up back up computer so i dont have vangard or nexus atm. I made all of my presets my self with sytrus, but yeah sytrus kind of blows. The lead is just a saw with unisen to make it a super saw, kind of cheep. The samples where actualy VEC2 but the kick wasnt as punchy as i would have liked. I agree with you on the over compressed remark, im still getting used to compretion. I have been getting lazy and used maxumus preset on the master tarack, but thats because i woke up from a dreem with this melody in my head and pulled a 24 hour production binge. LOL

But no thank you SO much for the critiqu! Mucho apreciated.

Fruty Limiter ftw? (jk, i need to avoid 'needing' a limiter on the master, I should stop being lazy and start mixing properly xO)

Dj Gonzo _ Wind Dj Gonzo _ Wind

Rated 3 / 5 stars

Needs an offbeat bass!

This was good, nice synth work! But you really need to add a bassline (kick doesn't count) It sounds very dry without bass. Work more on the beat (perhaps get some good drum sample packs) , the snare you used was not so pleasant... And well, make more melody variations, it was very repetitive. Except for the things I mentioned I liked most of it. :) You have potential!

- Xtas

Dj-Gonzo responds:

Thanks for your review! Yes I know that I need to add a bassline... I've downloaded some sample packs recently for my new songs! I'll return working soon! Stay tuned!


Awake Through The Feeling Awake Through The Feeling

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Great beat!

This was really good! I loved the beat and the melody good too. Only big advice I could give now would be... Try to create a bigger sound. Then it'll be awesome!

If you want advice on how to make the sound "bigger", feel free to send me a message.


- Xtas